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ABC’s Cremation Authorization Form complies with all current Vermont State Regulations and has been reviewed by Attorney John Collins (Burlington, VT) and by the State of Vermont Crematory Inspector.

The Vermont Administrative Rules for Crematory Establishments are available for review at our Allen Road office or they can be obtained online at The price list of our services is a wholesale price list and is not available to the general public.

The Policies and Procedures Manual is available at our Allen Road Office and the synopsis is printed on the back of the Cremation Authorization Form.

Our records go back to the beginning of ABC in 1984. Each case is currently being recorded onto computers. A daily backup is held off premises. All paper records are stored on Shelburne Rd. with no plans to destroy any records.

All Crematories in the State of Vermont are subject to regulation and unannounced inspections by the State of Vermont.  All reports are held by the Vermont Secretary of State (Office of Professional Regulation) in Montpelier, VT.

As of October of 2003, all crematories in the state of Vermont must be licensed. Our license is posted at our Allen Road Office. New cremation equipment is required to pass a Vermont State Air Quality Test prior to regular operation. Those permits are on file at the Shelburne Rd. office.

Maintenance logs are kept on the computer at the Allen Rd. office and regular annual checkups are performed by the manufacturer.

ABC is currently and has been a member of the Cremation Association of North America since 1984.

ABC has five certified technicians (by CANA) on staff.

The staff at ABC conducts themselves in an appropriate and professional manner.

ABC Services carries ample insurance coverage.


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ABC Services occupied a new facility in June of 2006 with all new state of the art equipment. A great deal of thought went into designing an easy to maintain and extremely secure building.

Our facility has a separate, clean and secure room which is climate controlled when needed. This room will accommodate up to eight caskets or containers on individual carts.

The facility is always open to inspection by the public at any time.

Our facility has a private viewing area where family members can witness the beginning of the cremation process.


Inside of the facility there is room for approximately 20 people for a private service. We have no formal chapel for committal services.

All procedures are in place to assure a healthy and professional environment for the staff, funeral home personnel and the public.


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Each individual remains is logged in and assigned a cremation number which coincides with a matching stainless steel coin. The name of the individual is written on the top of the cremation container to identify each remains. The coin is placed with the individual and remains throughout the cremation process. Following cremation, it is returned with the cremated remains.

All cremations are performed in a timely fashion at the discretion of the operator. Most are completed and returned to the funeral home within twenty four hours or less.

There are times when the technician must leave the facility during a cremation. When that happens, the crematory building is secured.

As a rule, all metal prostheses (hips, knees, etc. are disposed of through normal landfill procedures. When pacemakers or defibrillators are found during pre-cremation inspection of the remains, the items are removed and returned to Fletcher Allen Health Care for proper disposal.

Adirondack-Burlington Cremation Services does NOT contract for biohazard disposal from any facility.

Adirondack-Burlington Cremation Service contracts with the University of Vermont College of Medicine to cremate the anatomical cadavers. These are treated as individuals and are accorded the same professional service as any other. The cremated remains are then returned either to the family or back to the University for final disposition.

Any excess cremated remains that will not fit in our normal temporary container will be placed in another temporary container and returned to the funeral home. Both containers will be clearly marked with the name of the deceased and the cremation number. There will be only one identification coin and it will be placed in one of the containers which will be clearly marked.